​Leave the current job, yes, completely. Because wouldn’t it be great to be a sailor or a navy. Going on a expedition or performing a surgery. Because everything is beautiful and worth a try. You have one life, a SINGLE ONE! no-one is living forever and how can you not experience the most you can. You cannot experience all but you can, many many things. A LOT of them! Change shows that you are capable of learning.  Change to feel fresh, to feel the thrill of learning, the fear of faliure, the passion to create, the desire to win, and change to feel like a young dreamer. Again. You make the change and you will never feel you are the same. Life’s not static, its melioric. 

Buddha’s diary

​You can’t be an enlighted person, if you stay at one place. You must explore , meet new people, learn things, understand stories and learn lifelessons. The wander desire must fire, taking you to that place where your senses are shining. You learn from these people, the places, their emotions. Wisdom is in that tear, in those dark nights and cold mornings. Knowledge comes by travelling. That Banayan tree, the long hair and meditation were only to impress girls. 😉